NFL Coaches That Should Already Have Been Fired

4 NFL coaches that are on the hot seat and will most likely be fired as soon as the season ends. 
Being a head coach for a team in the National Football League is one of the
most intense, high pressure jobs in the football coaching industry. The job
comes with so much prestige, being that it is a profession that comes from the
most popular sport in the U.S., and comes with hefty pay. However, the dream
isn’t always a rosy affair for most head coaches and they usually have to
fight tooth and nail and make strenuous efforts just to stay at the top.

This, coupled by the fact that their job security is mostly extremely
uncertain, gives many NFL coaches a deeper understanding of being in the hot
seat. The intensity of the heat is even worse when there is so much pressure
to win. This season is no different than the others and here are some of the
head coaches who are most likely to lose their jobs at the end of the 2016

Jim Caldwell, Detroit Lions

After the 2015 season, the Lions saw a grand change in their front office
regime after their 7-9 run and Caldwell remained in position as head coach,
becoming the last man standing in the change. Caldwell however faces being
fired in the 3rd year of his four year deal if he does not deliver this
season. The 61 year old has seen a rough time this season starting with being
on offense after Calvin Johnson’s retirement. Caldwell’s performance in 2015
was such a close miss to being fired and he definitely needs a strong win this
season to keep his job.

Jeff Fisher, Los Angeles Rams

After losing in four straight seasons, Fisher is in the hot seat more than
ever in the 2016 NFL season. The 58 year old Rams head coach has faced a lot
of criticism for his work following a number of losses by his squad in the
last few seasons. But Fisher is apparently about to receive an extension on
his contract to prevent him from working the season with an expiring contract.
This however does not remove the fact that Fisher faces immense pressure to
deliver a win with his squad this season; otherwise getting fired will be an
expected move from the Rams management. Fisher’s hot seat has even been
rendered hotter following his spat with Eric Dickerson which has made the team
look bad in a new city when they should be trying to make positive headlines.
This may cost Fisher his job after the 2016 NFL season.

Gus Bradley, Jacksonville Jaguars

Bradley was recently ranked one of the worst coaches in league history since
the NFL-AFL merger following his most recent loss which was the 45th in his
entire career. His performance over the last three seasons with a record of
12-36 has been quite a disappointment. The 2016 NFL season has even made it
worse with its disappointing outcomes for the Jaguars and it is clear that the
team might require the services of another coach come next season. Bradley
hardly has a chance of returning as head coach to the Jacksonville Jaguars
considering he has done very little to prove himself over the last few seasons
and needed to up his game in this year’s season. Keeping his job will
definitely be a hard task after the end of the season.

Mike McCarthy, Green Bay Packers

McCarthy’s uncertain retention at the end of the season is because of his
questionable decision-making abilities and the struggle to win games when he
has overly talented players. Even though his coaching has had great records
with over 108 wins in regular seasons, the coach’s poor management and many
questionable decisions in big games may create a way through to his firing.
The Parker’s might just decide they’ve had enough downfall’s under his
direction come end of this season.

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