Quarterbacks Who Make More Money Than Tom Brady

Brady Is Not Highest Paid NFL Player as Some Think He Should BeĀ 
Because of all the media attention that has gone to the New England Patriots, many feel that the 39 year old, four time Super Bowl winning quarterback is not being paid the highest salary, as he should be. There are plenty of other quarterbacks that are being paid more than he is and to Brady fans, that seems to be undeserved. Yet, this is the way it is to those who enjoy the fruits of the labor of these other very talented and impressive quarterbacks.

Why should Tom Brady be the highest paid quarterback or even the highest paid player in the NFL? Just because he won four Super Bowls and could win another and become the most winning quarter back of all time? This does not seem to matter to the owners of the New England Patriots. It must not be all that important to Tom Brady either, since he has the power to pack up and accept another offer from a different team. Why he has not done this is not common knowledge as it would seem. The honest and earnest quality of Tom Brady could work in his favor as the former Wolverine has the most successful postseason quarterback passing record in the history of the NFL.

This season, Tom Brady has laid the path for another outcome which may well involve a SuperBowl as he is currently leading the NFL with his rating as quarterback of 116.7 and his touchdown to interception ratio is at the top of the list with 18:1. He was impeded due to DeFlateGate penalties which suspended him from the first four games of the 2016 season. So he is certainly on track to surpass all other quarterback stats this year.

Could it be that not all franchises are the same? After all, this is the United States where Socialism still has not completely taken over and an individual business entity does not have to bow to one body that tells every business that operates in the circle of same type competitors, how much to pay their players. Maybe Tom Brady loves being a New England Patriot? That could have something to do with it and maybe someone should ask him about that? Surely, he has considered taking more money from some of these other teams that pay better and would love to have him?

Speaking of the other teams, the Arizona Cardinals pay Carson Palmer more than the Patriots are paying Tom Brady, with an average annual salary of $24,350,000 big ones. So he gets sunshine all year round and really warm weather along with $3.85 million more per year than Big Tom gets. It is all about choices when you come right down to it.

Then there is the fabulous, God loving, positive breath of fresh air to the game, Russell Wilson, who never cheats and must live in sulky Seattle with rainy days and overcast that seem to cause many to get into drugs to cope. He won only one Super Bowl so far, for the Seahawks and oh ya, he gave one to the Patriots a couple of season ago. He is making $21,900,000 per year on average. But he is certainly not a cheater and he is what most mothers wish their child would become. A man of principle, faith, fairness, and immense talent. He deserves his salary and will certainly earn more if he keeps up with the way he fights week in and week out, injuries or not.

There are at least five other quarterbacks making more than Tom Brady, that no one seems to talk about as much because they didn’t cheat to win a Super Bowl, or at least they seem to be following the rules. Such an injustice?

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