Where Will Tony Romo Play Next Season?

Tony Romo, who was at one time perceived to be a franchise quarterback on the edge of consideration for the Hall of Fame in Canton Ohio, may just find himself a free agent at the end of 2016. It is rare that a player like Romo finds himself as a free agent and most of the rumors for his impending free agency is due to a history of injuries and the emergence of rookie quarterback Dak Prescott. Prescott was a 2016 fourth round draft pick of the Dallas Cowboys who has stepped into the void left by a preseason injury to Romo, who had season ending injuries in prior years as well. Prescott, behind an massive and powerful offensive line, has emerged as not only a solid player but also a possible star in the league who is under serious consideration for MVP along with fellow draft pick Ezekiel Elliott. Dak’s emergence has pushed Romo to backup duties even after he has returned from his injuries and the Cowboys have already secured a playoff spot. If Romo is a cap casualty after the 2017, what are the likely landing spots for Romo?

New York Jets

Tony Romo has had a solid career but has been limited by a lack of success in the playoffs. He will likely want to head up a competitive team that is on the verge of competing for a super bowl. This makes the Jets a good landing spot for Romo given their poor 2016 record and the likelihood that they will be able to secure a franchise quarterback in the 2017 NFL Draft. The Jets record is worse than the team as the Jets have a solid defense and good running game that can be greatly aided by some competent quarterback play. Further, the Jets have a top wide receiver in Brandon Marshall and some cap room that will allow the team to quickly become very good with the right quarterback in place. Romo may fill in the gap well in New York, easily replacing Ryan Fitzpatrick who has underwhelmed after his holdout before entering into the 2016 season.

Denver Broncos

The Broncos were able to emerge with a super bowl victory in January 2016 despite the play of Peyton Manning, due to a dominant defense led by Von Miller and Demarcus Ware. While Trevor Siemian has not been as bad as feared and the Broncos are still a contender in 2016 a healthy Romo may be able to push them to the top where they can recapture their glory. The Bronco, with a healthy Romo might prove to be a favorite in 2017.

Dallas Cowboys
The Cowboys may decide to contract with Romo in 2017 for a backup role, even if he is an initial cap casualty. Gm and owner Jerry Jones knows how an injury to a franchise quarterback can derail a season, having gone through this twice with Romo before, and may decide to keep two top QB, Prescott and Romo on the 2017 roster, particularly if he can get Romo to lower his salary. Romo is obviously familiar with the Cowboys system and had success there so it may be an expensive but valuable backup contingency plan for the Cowboys.

Whether Romo is released by the Cowboys or not is still up in the air and will be impacted by the playoff run that the Cowboys are able to put together this year. Still, for Romo, the seem to be a wide range of possible landing spots for a quarterback with Ton Romo’s history of success. In fact, he may seem like the perfect option for a one year plug and play option for a team ready to make a run for the Championship.

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